Special thanks from artist/author Charlotte Whatley:

First, I want to thank Jenny Taliadoros for giving me the opportunity to create something I did not know I was capable of and supporting, encouraging and occasionally booting me forward all along the way.

David Wolfe so selflessly contributed his visionary skills to the cover design for the greater good of the project. Pierre Hale worked very hard to interpret a collaboration of artistic vision into a unified work of art.

Alina Kolluri has been a font of inspiration from the get go, whose enthusiasm for the project is unrivaled. Her love of the steampunk genre, and literary skills have been a treasure.

Margie Trenholm and Linda Ocasio took my rough diamond of a little story and helped me polish it into a sparkling gem. I respect the truly awesome critical analytic views, and literary editing they brought to this project.

Also on my list are my very frank and very loving supportive family and friends who contributed scientific plausibility, historic fact, steampunk viewpoints, and literary suggestions, all with immensely invaluable insight and "tough love". They include: Charles Walker, Beckie Chapman, Esther Habla, Drew "Bone" Corl, Robin Whatley, David Vogan, Jr., and Julie McCullough. I could not have created the finished quality of this story without them.

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